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Tyed Up Paracord

Welcome to Tyed Up Paracord!  My name is Tony, and I'm the Head Honcho, the Big Cheese, the Main Man, here at my shop of  One.   I'm the guy who makes all the products you order, when you order them.   Most pieces made are made specially for each individual buying them, which means you get to choose everything from colour, to design to hardware.  In other words - your gear, to suit you. 


Four years ago, this started out as a hobby, I just wanted to learn about marine knots, then that grew into an interest in different knotwork, and finally landed me at knotting paracord.   I started with bracelets, Koozies and keychains, for friends and family, and then eventually started selling them.

 I work in the industry in my day job,  and after looking at machines day in and day out, I thought it would be great idea to start making winch assist straps.   I made one, tried it out and it broke.  So I made another, stronger one.  It broke too, and so did the third try.   Each strap I made was stronger than the one before it, and finally,  the "First Generation" straps were ready to sell.    Just lately, after four years of being beat to hell and put to hard use, they are just starting to come back now for replacement.   I'm now on "Generation 4"  of my straps, each one stronger,  and better, they  now can handle over 4000 pounds.  I didn't stop at just straps though, I've designed and added more ATV Accessories to further enhance your ATV'ing experience. 

Straps are just the beginning though, check out the site to see what I've expanded to.  There's always new product in the works, whether its a thought mulling around in my head,  picture drawn on my board, or a half started project on my desk.  Check back often to see what's new. 

At Tyed Up Paracord, I strive to make each of my customers happy and satisfied.  If, for any reason you are not, please use contact me,  and I will be glad to help you out. 

 Custom orders are always welcomed, and encouraged by using the Contact form as well. 

 Before you head out to explore, don't forget Tyed Up Paracord!

Proudly Canadian Made. 

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